Photo by Brad Resnick

Photo by Brad Resnick

DAN SWERN is the founder and owner of Smugbug Productions, with professional credits as a stage director, producer, public art and creative engagement artist, teaching artist, and activist. Based out of New Brunswick, NJ, Swern is the co-founder and producing director of nonprofit arts organization coLAB Arts, engaging artists, social advocates, and communities to create transformative new work.

With coLAB Arts co-producer John Keller, Swern is pioneering Creative Engagement, a method of art making that produces new works through transdisciplinary collaboration, integrated education, and high quality artistic production. Swern has developed new platforms for artist/advocate/community collaboration in dance, theater, and public art and annually creates massive community-based immersive performances.

Swern has previously worked as the Production Coordinator for retail and holiday design firm Holiday Image, Associate Producer and Company Manager for the New York production of Punchdrunk's Sleep No More, and Company Manager for New Brunswick's George Street Playhouse.

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